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Bike/Bicycle Front Derailleur (Front Mech) Fitting


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DESCRIPTION & What's included?

Bike/Bicycle Front Derailleur (Front Mech) Fitting Includes: 

  • Removal of front derailleur
  • Fitting and alignment of new front derailleur
  • Adjustment and indexing of gears

*Excluding parts

FREE Krankz Bike/Bicycle Health M-Check* Includes: 

Check Saddle

  • Check saddle is secure
  • Correct height (should be in line with hips)
  • Check maximum extension mark
  • Check seat post is clamped & bolted correctly

Check Brakes

  • Brake levers are easily accessible
  • No excess pull required on the levers
  • Brake pads are clear from the rim
  • All components are tight
  • No frayed cables

Check Gears

  • Derailleur is clear of spokes
  • All gears can be selected
  • Ensure gears are not slipping

Check Chain

  • Chain remains on sprockets
  • No sign of rust or stiff links
  • No excessive play in the chain
  • Chain lubrication

Check Bottom Bracket

  • Hold pedal crank arms and check there is no side-to-side movement

Check Handlebars

  • Alignment is correct with front fork
  • No movement or swaying (play)

Check Forks & Frame

  • No cracks or holes
  • No wrinkling paintwork or rust

Check Tyres

  • Check condition (not worn or cracked)
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Check for punctures

Check Front & Rear Wheels

  • Wheels are straight, and roll smoothly
  • Spokes for missing, loose, damage and rust
  • Rims run free of brakes
  • Wheel nuts and quick release levers are secure
  • Wheel sits correctly centred in the front fork. 

*Check & recommend replacement parts if necessary at additional cost.

TECHNICAL Specifications

Bicycle/Bike: Derailleur Service & Repairs
Brand: Krankz
Product Code: FR-MECH-FIT

REVIEWS & Feedback

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Derek - Llangennech

New Lease of Life

Thanks Phil, really pleased to get my Dawes bike back, you have given it a new lease of life, can't wait to get back on it. Excellent service, keeping me informed all the way, so i knew exactly what the costs would be. Less than a week and it has been completely overhauled. Picked it up and dropped it off, sending my very best wishes for your business gong forward.

My new Ortler Bergerac is also running great as well, and the delivery check has given me the confiodence that it is all as it ought to be. Many thanks Derek