At Krankz we believe in doing our bit however small to help the people that helped shape the world & freedom we have today.

So often we are not aware of the sacrifice other people have made for us to live of lives the way we choose, and what consequence, and or indeed affect it has had on the people that give up their family, and potentially their lives, and for some the hurt of their families when they didn't return..., or they did return wounded or injured to the point where it changed their whole lives, and outlook on life as a whole. We have become more aware of Mental Health over the last few years, and it the daily fight, and constant battle with themselves to feel purposeful in this ever changing world. We feel that it is so important that people fight to support people whenever needed, if we can and where we can...

Matt Neve reached out to us to ask if we could support him on his charity Bike for Help the Heroes, and of course we said YES! 

It takes so much courage to ask for help in fear of rejection, and sport (Cycling in this case) also helps to give focus, and come out of the daily beating yourself us mindset, as we as the much loved endorphins we release when exercising, so why would we say NO to anyone who is brave enough to reach out and ask for help?

Matt Neve is asking for as much help as possible to to help raise funds for Help the Heroes, by doing a Charity Bike Ride, please show him some support, whether it be small or bigger if you can manage it.

Here is Matt Neve's story...


I originally come from Scotland, but I live in Swansea with my family, I joined the RAF in 2001 aged 16, straight out of school. My father also served in the RAF, and after hearing all the stories, and how he felt after each mission I couldn't wait to follow in his footsteps.

I originally joined as a Rigger, however due to an injury sustained on basic training, I changed trades and became a MT Driver, and was posted to RAF Brize Norton where I specialised in air support. Anything to do with vehicles on the air craft I did..., whether that was sweeping the airfield in the road sweeper to refuelling the aircraft's, and everything in between. I really loved it, no two days were the same.

My first deployment was to Iraq on Op Telic 1, which is where I changed forever...

My role as Senior Aircraftman was to assist with the transportation of those wounded and injured for repatriation. At the young age of 18, and after days, weeks, and months of seeing and supporting comrades with horrific injuries, and some not making it back at all, it took a massive toll on my own Mental Health, to the point where I returned as a casualty and I was medevaced back to the UK .

Leaving my comrades, and coming back to the UK changed me completely..., I began drinking heavily, and taking a downwards spiral, and eventually attempted to take my own life, and then was medically discharged from the RAF. Even after all this I didn't and couldn't admit that I had an issues - it took me 12 years to accept my problems, and ask for help!

I joined Help the Heroes Band of Brothers fellowship, and engaged with the charity sports programme, which introduced me to Archery. A grant from Help the Heroes helped me buy my own kit, and in 2017 I was selected to compete in the Invictus Games in Toronto!! Where I met Prince Harry (not sure what we call him now, but he will always be Prince Harry in my eyes).

And WON a GOLD Medal for my Archery!!!

The focus of sport lets me switch off, and release all the tension of all the horrendous, and horrific sights that I witnessed, and wrestle with everyday, and everytime I close my eyes. Sport is an escape!

Through the Invictus Games I began to deal with my own Mental Health difficulties, after I spoke with other Veterans who had been through similar experiences. This is what led me to ask for help with my own Mental Health, and started to use the Help for Heroes Hidden Wounds Service

After receiving help and support I now concentrate on campaigning for Help for Heroes, which I am now proudly an Ambassador for Help for Heroes, and have taken part in Local Community Recovery activities, and not so local... including Trekking across the Sahara Dessert with other wounded Veterans, being part of the 'Cut the Clock' Campaign in 2019 which encourages other Veterans to come forward to receive help for Mental Health Support. Getting involved for me was to be able to reach out to those who feel they don't deserve support, or they don't think they need it as many of them isolate themselves away from everyone else. It is now my turn to #payitforward and get as many people the help and support they so desperately need. 

If it wasn't for the likes of Help for Heroes there wouldn't be a support network to have people to talk to, and meeting other people who have been to war. It's really important the support continues. 

During lockdown I took advantage of all the digital services on offer from Help for Heroes, been in touch with the Wales Team with Zoom meetings, and old school phone calls to Veterans who are not keen, or don't have access to the new digital world to keep in touch, and provide support.

I have undertaken sponsored Motorcycle Rides, and in 2014 I raised £5000 by riding my motorbike around the UK Coastline, fund raising wherever I visited, amongst many others, more recently I raised £250 doing a 24 Hour Live Gaming Stream, which was a lot of fun. 

I have now turned my focus from Archery to Cycling, and have now become part of the Help for Heroes Gaming Community to provide support online using Zwift, and I am trying to fundraise for 2021 Big Battlefield Bike Ride

If Help for Heroes never existed, Veterans and their families would be so much worse off, the charity is so important in helping those suffering with severe physical disabilities, psychological traumas and injuries, and  providing help and support through Help the Heroes to realise that we are broken but doesn't stop us from achieving, and finally finding some peace within ourselves, without putting extra strain on the NHS! 

For more information or to DONATE visit my Just Giving Page

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Help for Heroes 

Every day, men and women have to leave their career in the Armed Forces as a result of physical or psychological wounds. Your fund raising helps them recover and get on with their lives. So far we've supported more than 25,000 people and won’t stop until every veteran gets the support they deserve.

Charity Registration No. 1120920 (England & Wales) and SC044984 (Scotland)