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Krankz Bike Shop Supported schemes

Cycle To Work is a Government Initiative that allows you to save money on your Bike and Safety Cycling Equipment.

It encourages people to start cycling in the hope people will adopt a healthier lifestyle, and use by their Bicycle to travel to and from work - reducing our carbon footprint, whilst saving you money on our ever increasing fuel costs.

Cycle to Work Schemes we accept

Green Commute Initiative (GCI)
Carmarthenshire Council (CCC)
Cycle Solutions Cycle to Work
Halfords Cycle2Work
and many more...

What is Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme is an employee benefit that saves you 26-40% on a bike and accessories (or even more with our offers).
You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from your salary by your employer.

What can I get?

Cyclescheme no longer has a limit!
This means you can save money on everything you need.
Go for a bike, a bike and accessories, or just accessories – it’s your choice!

Commute your way...

You can request a cycle to work package of more than £1,000.
This means you now have the freedom to save on e-bikes, cargo bikes and specialist adapted cycles.

995,914 Satisfied Cyclescheme customers, and counting...

Who are Green Commute Initiative? (GCI)

They are the industry-leading and award-winning cycle-to-work scheme - with no spend limits and no ownership fees.

Why Choose GCI?

You can save from 33.25-48.25% (depending on your tax rate), Pay monthly through salary sacrifice with no added interest
Spread the cost of your Salary Sacrifice from 3-60 months!

What can I Get using GCI?

Get an E-bike or conventional cycle through GCI
- help reduce congestion and pollution
- whilst improving your health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

When more people cycle for short journeys, everyone wins!


Carmarthenshire County Coucil (CCC)

£1000 to purchase a Bike, or a Bike and Cycling Equipment*

If you are an employee of CCC then you can apply HERE:
DOWNLOAD the CCC Full Application Forms HERE

You MUST have completed the CCC Application Form, and have approval prior to reserving your Bike and Cycling Equipment.

You can either: bring a paper copy of the Quotation Form with you, OR,(Preferred) - Save the Planet one tree at a time!We can do an online Quote for you; email this directly to the council, you, and your line managerfor approval.

Quotations are only valid for 7 days, after that the Quote maybe cancelled, pending stock.

The process takes approx. 2/3 weeks with CCC to complete, and your Bike, or and Cycling Equipment to be Ready for Collection.

* You cannot go over £1000 on this Bike to Work Scheme offered by CCC.